Opera Dark,

Tales of Morgana


with PeTiTe CHiNoiSe

 Donna Ng

In this collection written in and inspired by Sydney, Ferdinando Manzo plays with language, teasing out meaning and tempting the senses.


Manzo’s  poetry reflects Sydney night life, with echoes of the bohemian arts. Bars and coffee shops offer a haven to solitary writers and artists – both working alone and meeting to celebrate their work. Among the titles of the poems are: ‘Coco Cubano’: a touch of irresistible passion; ‘Morgana’: You, a stranger in the night opalescent; ‘The death dance’: the sensuality of a love that wraps them in a dark force.


Each poem holds the reader in suspense until the final moment.

In questa collezione di poesie l'autore, Ferdinando Manzo, gioca con le parole, i loro significati, seducendo i sensi.

La sua poetica ha un approccio simile alla filosofia orientale dove la felicità viene conquistata attraverso la comprensione della negazione.

Dalla terra alle stelle, dal mare ai numerosi locali che animano la notte di Sydney, ogni poesia mantiene il lettore in suspence al momento finale.

The Dark Side of the Opera

Arco: a great review from 

the authoritative BookClub 



This is a review of the book entitled Arco: The Legend of the Blue Vortex and is written by Ferdinando Manzo. The book is actually more of a short story as it totaled 27 pages in my iBooks view. The foreword of the book classifies it as being in the fantasy genre, but on top of that, it sprinkles in romance and adventure as well.

This story begins with a young man who, in his wild youth found his “first, unique, great love” in the form of a beautiful young woman. After spending a brief, passionate time together, they are separated by war in Europe. 

ARCO... Foreword 


   One evening over french fries and red wine, I met a journalist who carried the same dream that many journalists have tucked away in a drawer: to become ‘a writer’. Now, Ferdinando Manzo has successfully opened that drawer and begun to climb the charts with his first novel, L’uomo che salvò il mondo. He’s jumped from one side of writing to the other – from news to the novel – a move which had its baptism in conjunction with the author's journey from Naples to Australia.

A flight halfway around the world – that’s nothing compared to the journey that Ferdinando takes his readers on, those readers who decide to immerse themselves in his stories, the first a novel set in an apocalyptic scenario of post nuclear war, and the second a short story of a journey by Arco in search of ‘the blue vortex’.

This short story, published in English, is a lucky chance that Ferdinand has taken along with his publisher, Sydney School of Arts and Humanities. For a dip in the fantasy genre, between unhappy love and underwater worlds, the writer goes to the extreme, abandoning his news writing style so that he can give his readers a quite different experience.

As a professional journalist, Ferdinand took his first steps in crime reporting at the same newspaper, Metropolis, where I’d worked for many years, in an era different from his. In fact, that’s not where we met, but through mutual friends one evening when we found ourselves sitting in a pub drinking wine and eating fries. And talking about journalism, writing, dreams, and travel. It's been a while since then ... and now some of the dreams have become a reality.

Bruno De Stefano




Among his publications for the Newton Compton, remember: Napoli criminale, I boss della camorra,  101 storie di camorra che non ti hanno mai raccontato. He won the "Prize Siani" with the volume Giancarlo Siani. Passion and death of a journalist uncomfortable.


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